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DATE: SAT 09-12-2023
TIME: 23:00 – 05:00
ROOM(S): +1
GENRE: Oldschool HipHop, RnB

Block Party Presents:


REAL LOVE – 30+ Oldschool HipHop & RnB – Vol. 6

Real Love – what does that mean for you?
For us it means music that we fell in love with immediately. Music that spreads a feeling. Music that got under your skin. Authentic & full of rhythms.
Music that gives you feelings of happiness and lets your thoughts run free.
Our oldschool night should fill you over and over with positive vibes. With true classics, real hip hop & hot RnB we travel back to a time when we first fell in love.
Without exception music from the 90’s to late 2000’s will be played.
The night belongs to all black music lovers.
Music we love.

This is Real Love.

Line Up:
DJ Cosmic – DJ Master P – DJ Malone
Entry only for 30+ – ID Control
We are Limited to 400 Tickets, make sure to get yours on time.