Can I easily enter the building?

As a visitor you may be frisked and/or checked for drink, drugs and weapons possession. If you refuse to submit to this control then we may decide to deny you access to IKON Antwerp.

Can I take pictures or film?

If you wish to take pictures or make video and audio recordings in IKON Antwerp then you need to request prior written consent. Without this consent you cannot take photos or make video recordings in IKON Antwerp. Illegally obtained recordings or photos shall be seized. Any photo/videographer should ask a permission through their organisation.

Are there cameras?

Yes! We use security cameras and other security equipment on the premises (both inside and outside) in various locations. As a visitor of IKON Antwerp you agree to being filmed and/or photographed. When entering IKON Antwerp you give us the right to use these recordings and pass them on to third parties without any restrictions. You hereby waive the right to compensation. The recordings can be shown to the police and/or third parties in case of accidents, acts of violence or emergencies.

Racism, Discrimination and intimidation

Visiting IKON Antwerp should be a pleasant experience for everyone. That is why any form of racism, discrimination and intimidation is strictly prohibited at IKON Antwerp. This includes: racist, fascist, sexist, offensive and discriminatory remarks, sexual harassment, annoying and aggressive behaviour, vandalism and violence. Individuals acting as if they are out to commit acts of violence shall also be denied access.


No access for people in possession and/or under the influence of drugs. Drug use is forbidden, both inside and outside the nightclub. We have a zero-tolerance policy against drugs. No access to people in possession of weapons or objects that could be used as a weapon.