When can I enter the venue?

Download the ‘CovidSafeBE’-app or ‘CoronaCheckApp’ for NL. This to show and check the QR-code.
You will get this QR code when:
  • you are fully vaccinated (min. 14 days before the event) OR;
  • you have a negative PCR test (max. 48h) OR;
  • you have a negative antigen test (quick test at the pharmacy – max. 48h) OR;
  • you have recently recovered from COVID


What do I need to enter the building?

From 1/10/2021:
  1. Get your tickets for your favorite event via the agenda page and/or make a VIP reservation via vip@ikonantwerp.com
  2. Download the Covid Safe app. iOS / Android – CoronaCheckApp (for NL) iOS / Android
  3. Make sure you bring your mouth mask + ID card.
  4. CST* scan (explanation below) + ID check (mouth mask obligated to wear)
  5. Security check
  6. We scan your entrance ticket (or you buy a ticket if we are not sold out) or you go the VIP desk if you made a reservation.
  7. You can take off your mouth mask from here. – Party like never before!
You can only enter our building with your CST* – without any exceptions!