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  • DateFRI 30-12-2022
  • Time:23:00 - ...
  • Age:18+
  • Extra:No flash allowed πŸ“Έ
  • Address:IKON Building, Kotterstraat, 2030 Antwerp

Process 1. presents the last rave of 2022.
An unrefined, aggressive approach to techno music, going back to the first process, to the culture from the deepest of the underground.

For our last party of this year, we are combining purist techno music with menacing hardcore music to finish the marathon. A celebration of rave music, as it was, as it should be.

𝔸 π•Œ ℝ 𝔸
☞ LOLITA (Burenhinder)
☞ BORDER ONE (Voltage)
☞ ADR & R4K3L (Process 1.)
☞ LAURENS (Feiern)

β–Ί 30/12/2022
β–Ί Club Aura
β–Ί Kotterstraat 1, 2030 Antwerp
β–Ί Tickets available online
β–Ί No flash allowed πŸ“Έ
β–Ί 18+
β–Ί Lockers available
β–Ί Close public transport
Tram & Bus 350m
A-Velo 450m
Train 550m

ϟ Aura is a safe space for everyone. Any discrimination (racism, sexism, homophobia, …), shaming, any kind of violence and intrusive behavior isn’t tolerated and will automatically be sanctioned.
ϟ This is a warmhearted community. Respect yourself and take care of others to enhance Aura’s aura.