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  • DateFRI 02-12-2022
  • Time:22:00 - ...
  • Genre:Acid
  • Address:IKON Building, Kotterstraat, 2030 Antwerp

On the 2nd of december, we open our doors for a first night entirely dedicated to an iconic artist that progresses cultural dynamics and pushes their musical style from the underground, inspiring generations of ravers with their unique vibes.
The initiator of the Neoacid sound is touching down in Antwerp for an exclusive extended dj-set, bringing his heavy signature sound to Club Aura.

Completing the night will be a selection of local emerging and established talents ready to take over the scene and drop bombs on the dancefloor. Expect a night filled with relentless Hard Techno music, heavy Acid influences and an intense rave atmosphere. The later it gets, the higher the BPM’s become.

Simon Jadot, aka Jacidorex, is a young talented producer from Brussels who has taken the Acid scene by storm. After discovering Acid music with producers like Mr. Gasmask and Acidolido in late 2013, he soon became one of the exponents of the fresh and strong generation of Acid producers in Belgium and France, with like minded friends like X&trick and JKS.

Next to his passion for Acid music, he also has a strong taste for Techno and where Techno meets Acid(cores) to form Neoacid, which he describes as a mixture of all kinds of Acid, industrial Techno and even dark Electro. Neoacid became the trademark sound of Jacidorex and his productions go further than the usual Acid bangers, with extremely well produced tracks full of oldschool influences and his typical deep and dark synths. Among numerous projects with his own label Neoacid, he released his second album on Rave Alert Records in 2021.

As a prolific producer and DJ, he aims towards a progressive and structured Techno sound with hard and dark influences, which earned him a place in the hearts of many Acid and Techno lovers, hitting over 1 million views on youtube with his ‘Abyssal Kick’ track. Gaining support by key players like Amelie Lens or I Hate Models, and playing all over Europe, he is currently performing a busy gig schedule to spread the sound of Neoacid, and this is just the beginning.


► Tickets available online
► No flash allowed
► 18+
► Powered by Funktion One
► Lockers available
► Close public transport
►► Tram & Bus 350m
►► A-Velo 450m
►► Train 550m

ϟ Aura is a safe space for everyone. Any discrimination (racism, sexism, homophobia, …), shaming, any kind of violence and intrusive behavior isn’t tolerated and will automatically be sanctioned.

ϟ This is a warmhearted community. Respect yourself and take care of others to enhance Aura’s aura.